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Welcome to LIFANCE Laboratories.  We are excited to partner with businesses who value clean, concentrated, anti-aging skin care!
Please provide us with information on your company and plans to incorporate LIFANCE into your business, we look forward to discussing partnering with you.
As the Cosmetic Chemist and Founder, I pride myself in choosing the most rare, potent, clean, cruelty free Botanical & Marine ingredients and incorporate them in the highest concentrations possible.
The LIFANCE difference....
- At LIFANCE we pride ourselves at writing our formulas with a priority on Botanical and Marine, powerful ingredients in high concentrations, that have a high impact on facial skin.
- Our unique way of formulating prioritizes the 'ingredients that matter' at the top of the ingredient list and the emulsifier at the bottom of the list.  All too often the emulsifier is used as a filler and is therefore in too high concentrations.  Our promise to you, is well formulated skin care that delivers the results your clients/customers expect and deserve.
    If you are interested in carrying and using LIFANCE in your spa, beauty boutique or pharmacy, we would love to hear from you! 
    Below is a list of where you can currently find LIFANCE in Canada.
    Please fill out our Wholesale Application form.  We will review your application and get in touch with you within 1-2 business days.
    Thank you for your interest in LIFANCE

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    Where can you find us?

    The ECO HUB  Brand Directory by Candice Batista:  Eco living journalist and guru to the Marilyn Denis show



    Oak & Tonic 100% Canadian Skin Care curated from coast to coast, South Center Mall ( March 2020)

    Salon True Bespoke 

    Touch Holistic Wellness - Belma Harris



    Portia-Ella 'A new way of beauty'  Kelowna | Winnipeg

    The Green Vanity

    Beets and Tansy Natural Beauty and Wellness online marketplace, White Rock, BC



    Boutique Zekara Rothesay | Saint John | Halifax

    DastousDio Spa and Salon, Dieppe

    Moncton Chiropractic Clinic

    K Esthetics, Bathurst


    Dr. Courtney Mazeroll Botox & Fillers


     BY THE RIVER B&B | SPA 301


    Millcroft Pharmacy, Burlington

    Healthy Planet

    Jenn's Esthetics, Cambridge

    The Beauty Room, Studio 3 628 Monmouth Rd, Windsor

    Head 2 Toe Spa Cambridge


    Portia-Ella : A new way of beauty

    Infinite Reflexology


    KC Clothing, Charlottetown


    Shannon Lifance

    Founder & Clean Cosmetic Chemist, BSc


    403-809-9799 | 506-886-9118


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