We offer a 'cost share' on shipping, you pay $15 we cover the difference. In winter months we pay extra to ship within 1-3 days transit time to avoid the package sitting in a truck too long


Create an ACCOUNT and sign up for REWARDS!  There are so many benefits

By creating an account, you will be able to keep record of all your skin care choices with LIFANCE and billing. If you choose to receive emails you will be updated monthly about new sales, skin care tips and tricks and new products.

We also encourage you to sign up for the rewards – you receive points for every dollar purchased that you can use towards future purchases.

How can I choose the best product for me?

Email or call us!  We are here for you!  info@lifanceskincare.com or 403-809-9799.  You can speak directly with our Founder & Cosmetic Chemist.  We encourage you to order samples to ensure compatibility prior to ordering (samples are free shipping)

If I have sensitive skin which products are best for me?

Our Founder & Cosmetic Chemist also has super sensitive skin, so she writes LIFANCE formulas without any ‘irritating ingredients’ and includes soothing, calming ingredients to reduce redness and inflammation.

Our Facial Mists /Toners are both 100% Floral Waters, they contain zero plain water so we encourage you to test them on your wrist for sensitivity. You can also spray the Toner into your palm along with a few pumps of moisturizer and mix together prior to applying.

I have a lot of allergies/sensitivities, which products are best for me?

Please check the full ingredient list on each product page under the ‘Ingredients’ Tab.  Since Health Canada requires us to list skin care ingredients in INCI (International Nomenclature – Latin) some of the ingredients might be hard to decipher – don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help.  Since our formulas are natural, real ingredients, there will be many words you do recognize.  We encourage you to order our samples prior to purchasing to ensure compatibility with your delicate skin (shipping is free for samples)

Are your products Organic?

Many of our suppliers offer Organic options for many of our ingredients, we choose Organic whenever possible.

Are your ingredients non toxic?

Yes!  The ingredients that are approved for our precious formulas are non-toxic, natural, real, and non-synthetic.  We have no artificial fragrances or colors.

Do you use preservatives?

Yes, all products (except ‘oil only’ products) require a preservative.  We choose a plant based natural preservative system.  We ask that you care for your LIFANCE that is in a jar by using the ‘plastic tool’ to retrieve the cream rather than your finger.  If you do use your fingers, ensure they are washed and dry (free of tap water)

Lighter Day Moisturizer Texture vs

Heavier Night Moisturizer Texture

The texture of our formulas is largely based on the nature/texture of the individual ingredients.  Our night moisturizers contain a higher content of botanical butters which attribute to their 'slightly heavier' texture.
While the feel of our day moisturizers may feel light, the ingredients are powerful and the water content is ultra low. 
LIFANCE formulas have no room in them for unnecessary texture enhancers, fillers, slip or glide agents that can actually make a cream feel silky, but have no added benefit to skin and are potentially toxic ingredients.


How long can I use the product I purchased?

We ask that you use your LIFANCE 'in a bottle' within approx 6 months from the date you purchased to maintain the effectiveness of the ingredients.

We ask that you use your LIFANCE ‘in a jar’ within 4-6 months from the date purchased to maintain the effectiveness of the ingredients.  Minimize the exposure to air by keeping the lid on the jar.  Please use the spatula to retrieve your cream or very clean and dry fingers (do not introduce anything foreign into your cream (tap water or debris)

Do you ever change the ingredients or scents of your products?

Yes, we occasionally change ingredients as we source new and exciting ingredients, the ingredient list on your bottle or jar always represents the ingredients in that batch.  We do try to maintain the same consistency of the texture from batch to batch.

We do our best to maintain consistency in the scents from batch to batch, although sometimes it is beyond our control due to the nature of botanicals.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Our green and blue glass bottles and jars are recyclable, it is best to rinse them before recycling.

How is LIFANCE different from other natural skincare brands?

LIFANCE formulas are written with the powerful ingredients in the highest concentrations possible, so they are effective at delivering the results you expect and deserve.  This puts these ingredients at the top of the ingredient list (where they should be).   Our formulas have no room for fillers or unnecessary toxic chemicals.   No one should compromise their health for their beauty!

LIFANCE is Super Natural Skin Care, what does this mean?  You will find only the most rare, potent and unique natural ingredients in our formulas.  These powerful ingredients are geared towards Anti-Aging results.

We are proudly registered with LEAPING BUNNY, meaning we are cruelty free.  Our ingredients and final products are not tested on animals.

Our products are registered with Health Canada

How should I get started with LIFANCE if I haven’t used it before?

This depends on your habits when it comes to using skin care, your age and your goals for your skin.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

  • Ask yourself what you will use for sure, if you are a minimalist, purchase the basics : 1 Cleanser, 1 Facial Mist/Toner, 1 Moisturizer (or a Day and Night)
  • If you are interested in all of the essential steps, choose 1 Cleanser, 1 Facial Mist/Toner, 1 Eye Cream, 1 Serum, Day Moisturizer, Night Moisturizer.
  • If you are a mask junkie (like me) include one of our masks that can be used weekly.
  • If you wear full foundation or quite a bit of makeup daily, we recommend choosing both Cleansers CLARITY Botanical Oil Cleanser and RESTORE Botanical Cleanser. You won’t actually be using more cleanser, but a combination of the two.  We suggest you start with the Oil Cleanser, use 3 pumps, remove with warm wash cloth then use 3 pumps of the RESTORE Cream Cleanser repeat the steps.  This will remove full and potentially stubborn makeup properly.

We apologize, due to covid, we are unable to offer returns at this time.

We are here for you!  Don't hesitate to reach out to us, we are here to help.

Shannon Lifance

Founder & Cosmetic Chemist BSc

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