FORTIFY Peptide & Collagen Eye Cream Concentrate 20 ml

Fortify delicate skin minimizing the signs of damage

100% Luxurious | 0% Toxins

20 ml | 0.7 fl oz

Ideal for: All skin types | Anti-aging

Formulated with:  Botanical Peptides + Botanical Collagen + Centella Asiatica Extract + Jasmine Oil + Argan Oil 

Our newest INTENSE Collection of skin care is formulated with powerhouse ingredients in double and triple the concentrations making them highly effective.

This Eye Cream Concentrate is targeted to hydrate and increase elasticity in this delicate skin around the eyes and mouth where our laugh lines show the most. 

Ingredient Goals | Benefits:

• Stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts for improved collagen production
• Increases tensile strength of the skin preventing sagging
• Hydrate and increase elasticity in the delicate area around the eyes
• Reduces wrinkles and increases smoothness
• Rich in Vitamin E, carotenes, antioxidants and essential fatty acids

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