Complex Formulas

High performance, Scientifically proven Ingredients         

As the Cosmetic Chemist of Lifance I believe in Clean Chemistry in Complex Formulas.  LIfance formulas are created with powerful ingredients, in higher concentrations, making them effective at delivering the results you expect and deserve..  At Lifance we respect the unique properties of each ingredient, we discovered that some ingredients are powerful on their own, but extraordinary together.  Clean, concentrated formulas is our promise to you!  

162 Botanical and Marine Anti Aging Ingredients

32 High Performing Bio-Actives and Phyto-nutrients

 Potent, Luxury, Botanical & Marine ingredients in Lifance formulas include:

Ceramides, Coenzyme Q 10, Botanical Alternatives to Retinol, Sea Kelp Bio-ferment, Botanical Peptides,  Marine Collagen,  Marine Elastin,  Botanical Stem Cells,  Nano sized Hyaluronic Acid,  Acai Oil,  Cucumber Seed Oil,  Orchid Oil,  Blueberry Oil,  Blackberry Oil,  Acerola Cherry Ferment Peptides.

Shannon Lifance
Clean Cosmetic Chemist, BSc
Clean Chemistry | Complex Formulas